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English version - is an English language version of Letopisi.ru educational wiki-based project. Russian word Letopisi means living chronicle in English. The main aim of the project is to help students and teachers from different areas of Russia and other countries to 'play' in wiki spaces in order to understand this environment for their research and other educational activities.

We do not want to 'copy' any of the recent Wikipedia look-like projects, but are willing to test WikiWiki as a tool for common knowledge, environmental thinking and tolerance.

In WikiWiki a radical model of collective hypertext is implemented, when every network community member is provided an opportunity to create and edit any record.

Letopisi.ru interface settings for international users

The default interface for letopisi.ru is Russian, so, if you need to change it into English, or any other language, you need to come to настройки - preferences page and change Ru - русский (Ru - russian) to other language (ex. en - english, af - africaans, it - italiano, etc.)

You are welcome!

Regions of Russian-International influence, historical and cultural links:

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