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Культура (Culture)

Graffiti is especially American art

There is a stereotype that graffiti is especially American art, that it is the part of hip-hop subculture. Most of people think it came from poor ghetto areas of the New York, but in my opinion New York is only 3rd step. I am convinced that the 1st step is ancient drawings scrawled on rocks, which have appeared 4000 years ago. The 2nd step is Old Russian paintings, mostly on walls of temples and cathedrals. Most of them are prayful requests to God or sacred, but come across both comic texts, and type records «here was such», and national spells. After Ney York Graffiti came to Europe and other parts of the world, so it’s the 4th step. I think that graffiti is very widespread art. As I know, there are a lot of famous writers in France and Portugal. There are many writers in all subcultures: hip-hop, punk, emo, alternative and others, so we could deny this stereotype. Graffiti is not especially American art, that it is the part of hip-hop subculture.

Scots always wear kilts

A stereotype is a preconceived prejudice that characterizes in a simplified form the person or a group with certain atrributes or with the absence of these characteristics, that are usually have a shade of negative feelings. They are always very stable. For example, one of the most popular stereotypes about the scots is that they always wear kilts, but actually they don’t. I have talked with strangers and managed not to use stereotypes as much as I wanted. I think it is not so polite to use stereotypes very often and it could be possible to use them for a joke, nothing more. We need to know main, the most regular stereotypes because they help to understand the way of their real culture and qualities. With knowledge of stereotypes we can avoid not polite suggestions when talking to foreigners and not to make our image in their eyes worse.

Stereotypes about Muslim culture and society

The main feature of Muslim society and culture is its secrecy from others. The reason is in a lot of prohibitions. However, there are as many as other nations have. Many of them are proved for any culture’s human by moral laws. More things, considering to be forbidden, just are canon unacceptable. (команда "Логос", ученица 11 класса Хайруллина Асия)

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