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Severouralsk/English version

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Transition to the russian version Североуральск

Deviation from Moscow time: 2 hours

Geographical breadth: 60°09'

Geographical longitude: 59°56'

Capsul of the time

History of the city

Severouralsk is the city of regional submission located on a northeast slope of Northern Urals Mountains on coast of the rivers Vagran and Kolonga, in 479 km from Ekaterinburg. In city and settlements (Baianovka, Bauxites, Kalia, Pokrovsk-Ural, Sosva, the Third Northern, Cheremuhovo and village Vsevolodo-Blagodatskoe) are lived nearby 60 thousand people.There was a city on a place of village Peter and Paul and the working settlements which have appeared with the beginning of development bauxit of a deposit. The village of Peter and Paul is first settlement of Russian in Northern Urals Mountains. And all has begun with verhoturye' rudoznattsy (people who searched for ore) Grigory Postnikov and Stepan Bogomolov, who searched in deaf, little-used taiga mica and a grinding stone, and found, under the help wandered voguls, a deposit of iron and copper ores. Another verhoturez, an enterprising merchant Maxim Pohodjashin, persuades Postnikov to concede to him the found deposits. Result of this transaction - the beginning of construction in 1758 iron, iron making factory forces of serfs of district Cherdynskiy. Simultaneously with construction of a factory houses and wooden church in the name of Sacred Peter and Paul are under construction. The factory and settlement began to refer to Peter and Paul. The first metal of a factory has been received in June, 1760. In 1827 Peter and Paul factory has been closed because of unprofitableness. The major employment of inhabitants of village Peter and Paul became gold mining, timber cutting, hunting, fishery. In 1908 in village 111 court yard and 624 inhabitants were totaled. The population remains to those before revolution. Rebirth of village was opening in 1931 geologist N.A.Karzhavin of a rich deposit of bauxite with the poetic name "Red Hat ". In 1934 mines gave the first tons of bauxite. Especially severouralsk' bauxite mines have received rapid development within Great Domestic war. SUBR was the unique supplier of raw material for the aluminium industry of the country. In 1944 Peter and Paul from working settlement has been transformed to the city of Severouralsk. For work within the Second World War and Severouralsk' geologo-prospecting expedition (SUGRA) on eternal storage banners of the State Committee of Defense are handed over to collectives SUBRa. For post-war years Severouralsk became not only a leader in mountain-mining industry our country, but also the cultural center of Northern Urals Mountains. All history of city is reflected in expositions of a city study of local lore museum, a museum of history of SUBR and a museum of history of settlement Kalja. There was traditional an All-Russia festival of a modern choreography "Class", sports festival "Ski track of the Lukianovs".


Around Severouralsk vast wood breadth - mighty cedars, harmonious century fur-trees, and in the distance - painted pinkish smoke shaggy slopes of the Ural mountains with top of Denegkin stone. In 40 km to northwest from the city of Severouralsk the reserve “Denegkin stone” is located.

Mountain Denezhkin

The southern border of reserve passes on the river Sosva, the western border - on a water-separate ridge the Europe - Asia. The fauna of reserve is presented by typical taiga kinds. A boundary arrangement of reserve between the Europe and Asia and between average and northern taiga do its unique among other reserves of Urals Mountains.

Nature of Severouralsk

Except for reserve in vicinities of city there are 8 nature sanctuaries of regional value. Lake Superior - round under the form, flowing, a hydrological, archaeological, botanical nature sanctuary; lake Light the area 3 sq.m, the greatest depth of 38 meters with transparent water - a hydrological nature sanctuary. Nature sanctuaries are: rocks "Grunvolda", " Three brothers ", caves Peter and Paul, Yst-Kalinskai, Trenkinskia, mine " Light ". Mine "Light " - a unique cave for Northern Urals Mountains with system many circles of courses, in the extent about 200 m and with amplitude of 26 m. Decorate city architectural and historical monuments.

The church of Peter and Paul

Memory of Maxim Pohodjashine stores constructed on its means (1767-1798) the stone church which has replaced burned down wooden. Communication with traditions of the architecture named is put in a basis of stylistic decisions at construction of the Peter and Paul church "the Moscow baroque ". But it is not blind recurrence of known images, and an original monument of local school of architecture. In it its huge art and a historical value. Now it is an operating temple.

The river Vagran

With the purpose of protection of mines from flooding the hydraulic engineering system is constructed. Channels of streams and the rivers are concluded in concrete coast, two water basins, system of channels-doublers for water drainage in case of a high water or failure are built. The most powerful drainage units reliably covering deposits from flanks are constructed. This hydraulic engineering system is a monument of engineering art of 70th years of 20th century. A monument of architecture of 50th years is the building of railway station. From station in city centre the deciduous avenue which became the card of city, conducts durability, reliability. The idea of landing belonged to V.Beliashovy, and made to life by komsomolzy of the city in 1952-1953.

In 2000 year competition "the Message to descendants" has passed among schoolboys of city. Children were offered to write the letter to the citizens of Severouralsk which will live in 22 century. As a result 3 best works, and also the message from city’s Committee of youth have been placed in a capsule which has been incorporated on July, 23rd, 2000 on the main area of city - the area of Peace. Opening of "the Capsule of time" should occur in 2101.

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