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Томочка Гуменюк

Wacky beginning!!!

Hi! I'm Toma.I study at the teacher's training college,english department!

This year 2008 i went to the USA,CA for working and having fun,it was a nice chill-out-trip, but not without difficulties. I got pretty scared when my aunt told me "bye", i was left on my own to go thru customs and all this security stuff. Big deal you may say, but i was,just couldn't help it. It's different when you imagine it happening, make pictures in ur mind of this scenes, and when it happens in reality,not in a fuzzy dream. It's kinda feeling u can't express but feel urself only... u feel trapped and miserable at the same time,knowing that maybe it will be fine in some days,but ur not really 100% sure. That's it. One thing u really know is that there's no way back,even if it's possible, but it's not. How could I have turned back to my aunt, running to her arms saying I'm not going? That would have been the behavior of a little girl, but I was 19,far from the age of "little princess". So u got no choice, just go fearfully straight ahead, carefully,doubtedly,tears wanna come in ur eyes, but u get a grip and go on, 'cause ur a big girl...for some fuckin' reason...and u dun wanna be this big girl that time of weird feeling inside, u wanna be a small naive creature that sticks to their parents all the time, no step aside without their supervision. I moved to the lady that checked my plane ticket to Chicago, and i made a "step" to the fulfilment of my entire life fuckin' dream. I felt lost,abandoned,alone,confused. Some more adjectives of the certain type will do good here too. I tried to pulled myself 2gether and started playing "big girl" movie. I was totally unaware what to do with the boxes at the customs, how 2put all the things right in them, where get the plastic stuff to put on feet,was like a lunatic...feel ashamed now of myself..only a bit)))))))) I got all the stuff 2gether,proceeded to that stupid booth of scanning oneself and went on. Then there came a pause of thoughts- what's now?- that's what on my mind...holy crap!where 2go?..-wanna die...right on the spot..not 4 the first and last time I would say now..go on..."Please,smb,come and save me..SOS"-another thought lingered. Tracing the way thru the airport to the right concourse and gate... --Toma Gumenyuk 18:33, 12 декабря 2008 (UTC)

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