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Cheese Weasel Day

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This holiday is one of the these we've never heard of and takes place in Great Britain .

Apparently, April 3 has been Cheese Weasel Day since at least 1992. According to Big Wide Logic, the custom is to leave a piece of cheese under the keyboard of techies.

Ironically, because Cheese Weasel Day this year occurred on the first Saturday in April, it coincided with Vermin Attraction Day. What in the world is Cheese Weasel Day? Cheese Weasel Day is a real holiday that started on the internet sometime in the last 15 years like most holidays, Cheese Weasel Day is shrouded in history and traditions that many who celebrate it may not understand. Until recently Cheese Weasel Day, has been celebrated quietly on April 3rd by many around the world. This holiday is a special fun day dedicated to "all the good little boys and girls" in the high-tech industry. Legend has it (and the internet has many legends) the Cheese Weasel travels the world, leaving a bit of cheese under keyboards. The type really doesn't matter though Kraft Singles were once the cheese of choice. However, depending on how often you look under your keyboard, the C.W. might place a wedge of cheddar instead. Here is how you can celebrate:

  1. Send someone you know in the tech sector a Cheese Weasel Day Greeting card
  2. Arrange secretly for a slice of Cheese to be placed under their mouse pad
  3. Check back in a few days to make sure they found the Cheese. (Just to be sanitary. I mean, if they leave it there indefinitely, it could really smell cheesy)
  4. Go to http://www.cheeseweasel.com/ and learn the Cheese Weasel

Song so you can sing it at your own Weasel celebration

Are you feeling these actions are a little too cheesy to try? That's the spirit of Cheese Weasel Day!

Do you know sing the Cheese Weasel song? (Sung by Kathryn Tewson) "Who brings the cheese on April 3rd?

The Cheese Weasel

He's not a silly bunny or a raindeer or a bird,

He's the Cheese Weasel

He's got a cute black tail

And tiny buck teeth

He doesn't bring fish, and he

Doesn't bring beef

So you'd better be good if you wanna get some cheese

From the Cheese Weasel

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