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Perm opera house

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Perm opera house

Opera House Nowadays
Opera House Nowadays

It is possible to meet set of monuments of architecture on the streets of Perm, they bewitch us the greatness and are the card of our city. One of the best known monuments of architecture of our city is the Perm academic opera and ballet theatre. Its architectural style cannot remain without attention both for visitors, and for townsmen. The theatre was based on November, 24th, 1870. But it had existed in Perm long before this date and had represented the wooden building subsequently destroyed by a fire. In the end of the 19th century the theatre moved to a stone building, and the city authorities took it under protection. Theatrical seasons began in September and came to the end before the Lent. For a season passed more than one hundred performances, the annual repertoire included over thirty products. And in 1896 the whole epoch in the history of the Perm theatre began. It was taken under the direct care vowels of a municipal duma which decided to run theatrical business for the city account; for direct management of theatre the city management, which took the invitation of actors get out. It decided to contain for the city account opera troupe. M.I.Glinka's opera «The Life for the tsar» became the first performance. As to the building, capacity of a hall: 972 places, an orchestra pit: 50 seats. For the first time townsmen of Perm saw a good troupe and opera in the winter of 1879-80 at even not completed stone theatre. And the modern building of the theatre was constructed in 1874-1879 by R.O.Karvovsky's project. The first performance in even not completed building was given in the winter of 1879-1880. The troupe was supported by an entrepreneur P.P.Medvedev. In 1896 the theatre was translated under municipal duma care. Deputies made the decision to generate the city management for management of the theatre to contain opera troupe for the city budget account. The first season on municipal management opened a stop of "Aida".

Opera House in the night
Opera House in the night

In August, 1921 the first theatrical season after the termination of the Civil war was opened. During the War the Leningrad opera and ballet theatre was evacuated to the Perm scene. The idea to remain in Perm belonged to the main conductor A.Pazovsky. Citizens of Leningrad three winters and two summers — term for history of musical culture of a city considerable worked here. In Perm there was also a school of the world famous Mariinsky ballet that subsequently promoted creation of the Perm choreographic school. In 1965 the Perm theatre of opera of ballet was the given the name of Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, and in 1969 — a rank "academic" is appropriated. In 1974 the Perm academic Tchajkovsky theatre invited the best soloists from many theatres of the country and all spectators to the First festival of opera-ballet creativity of Tchaikovsky. This holiday was repeated in 1983 and 1988 with success. The Perm theatre, unique in Russia, became Tchaikovsky original House, there were all scenic products of the composer (ten operas and three ballets). Accidents.

Opera House in the past
Opera House in the past

In February, 1937 Perm was visited by a well-known pilot Valery Tchkalov. He came to the theatre to a performance "Evgeny Onegin". The actress was playing a role of Tatyana Larina, when she was low over a candle and at it the wig has lighted up. Then Tchkalov was sitting in a lateral management box, he jumped out to the scene, broke an actress’ wig and extinguished it. After the termination of performance Tchkalov wrote down in the book for guests of honor: «Remarkable performance. Good voices. Chorus fine … I Wish remarkable collective of the further successes in work».

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