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Perm state institute of arts and culture

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When you are passing by Gazeta Zvezda Street 18 in Perm, you may see an architectual monument of the XIX cenury. It is Perm State Institute of Arts and Culture. It was created by a remarkable architect Ronald Osipovich Karvovskiy. The history of this building began in the middle of the XIX century. By 1885 the construction of theological seminary had been completed. It was a two-storeyed building with a ground floor, outdoor constructions and a large ground area. In the semibasement premise the diningroom and the bakery had been organized. In the college there was also a hospital. Walls of the building on all the perimeter are covered with a frieze with profiled cornice. Corners are accented by pilasters. The ground floor is rusticated. The classes of the institute are light, because of the corridor system. The basis is rubbled. Also there is an iron roof. The parapet and the rests of a protection were kept on it. In December 1918 Kolchak occupied Perm. In the building of spiritual college Kolchak's counter-espionage was placed. In the basement prisoners were tortuned. Till 1923 the building was empty. The windows had been beaten out, furnaces were destroyed. In 1938 Perm became the regional centre, the City Council moved to this building. In May 1975 the spiritual college was reorganized in the institute of culture. In 1993 it was renamed in the Institute of Arts and Culture. It is very difficult and painful for teachers and students of the institute to see that the building of the institute is in an emergency condition. They have begun gathering donations in support of the action "Rescue and keep the Alma Mater". However the public cannot solve the problem without wide participation of structures of regional and local authorities, businessmen, sponsors. Only together, the whole world, we can rescue the creation of masters of the XIX centuty, the main educational bulding of the Institute of Arts and Culture.

Пермский государственный институт искусств и культуры

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