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Project One Thousand National Stereotypes

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One Thousand National Stereotypes


Project initiators

Secondary School №80 specialized in English, Yaroslavl

Project coordinators


Invitation Letter

Dear visitors, participants of Letopisi project!

Not every person communicates with people of different nations. In spite of this fact, everyone has some clear ideas about them. Where do these ideas come from? Stereotypes is a fixed set of ideas about something. But can we trust them? In reality these ideas are wrong and people are mistaken. Basketball star Charles Barkley said about it: “You understand that the world is different than you think, when you learn that the best rap-singer is white-skinned (Eminem), the best Golf-player is black (Tiger Woods), the tallest basketball player is Chinese (Yao Min)”..

Stereotypes about other countries existed and they are still alive. In many cases they prevent understanding each other and it leads to awful consequences.

Let’s learn to understand each other!

Aims of the project

  1. To study national stereotypes and try to decide what is true and what is false.
  2. To make an encyclopedia of national stereotypes, which includes 3 units:
  • People’s behavior in society;
  • Habits;
  • Traits of national character.
The encyclopedia will help to learn more about cultural differences of different nations to learn to understand each other better.

Conditions of participating

The project concerns the students of 5-11 forms learning English as the foreign language, school teams, independent participants and everyone who is interested in communication with people of different cultures. The main condition of participating in the project is giving materials in English.

Terms of the project

There will be 3 groups: • 5 – 6 forms • 7 – 8 forms • 9 – 11 forms

The results will be given according to 3 age groups on ___________________. All participants will get certificates and presents.

Project work

Stages Content Evaluation
Preparatory stage Registration of the teams and independent participants. You have to mention your age group.

Example identify card of the team, identify card of the participants of the team

  • All members of the team have registrated in Letopisi.ru individually.
  • Team page is created (team’s name…, school №…,town…
  • There is the list of the members on the team page (tutors and students)
I stage Discussing the notion of «stereotype» in the blog National stereotypesNational Stereotypes

What do you think about stereotypes? Let us discuss the following questions:

  1. What kind of definition would you choose? Give the examples that suit your definition most.
  2. How often do we take national stereotypes into account when we talk to people from other culture?
  3. Do we really need to know everything about national stereotypes? Why? Are they helpful in communicating with others?
  • Number of statements in blog;
  • Accuracy;
  • Having your own point of view.
II stage Making up the encyclopedia of national stereotypes in 3 units:
  • People’s behavior in society;
  • Habits;
  • Traits of national character.

Use wiki-wiki for making your articles. Wiki-articles may include texts, visual pictures, audio, video, photo materials etc. which help to understand the stereotype better.

Example: All English people have gardens with roses near their houses.

  • Accuracy;
  • Structure and logic of the material;
  • Using stylistic means, typical for encyclopedia article;
  • Matching visual materials to your stereotype;
  • The quality of your audio, video and photo materials.
III stage Discussing in the blog National stereotypes ( National Stereotypes. Analysis of stereotypes and giving the answer to the question: are the stereotypes true, or wrong? Why?
  • Accuracy;
  • Having well proved conclusions;
  • Using the wide range of vocabulary;
  • Expressing self-attitude toward material.
IV stage Extra Bonus Making of comics of stereotypes which can represented with the help of wiki-wiki and photo service.


  • Matching visual material to the theme of the project;
  • Brief comments.

Participants of the project

Make reference to the visiting card of your team or to your personal page.

Attention! Name the page of the team according to the rules of Letopisi.ru

Team Iskorka school №1 village Luch Ivanovskaya oblast'

  1. Team Бамбуча школы №80 г. Ярославля Ярославской области
  2. TeamМУРАШИ школы №7Город: Муром, Владимирская область
  3. ...

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