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Sculpture Permyak salt ears

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Permyak Salt Ears - photo 1
Permyak Salt Ears - photo 1

The citizens of Perm have been named salt ears. The saying “Permyak salt ears” historically related to the development of hydrochloric trade in Verkhnekamje. As early as 1430 the merchants Kalinikovy pawned first hydrochloric varnicy in the district of modern town Solikamsk. Varnicy was put in Dedyukhino, Pyskora, Lenva, Veretje and Orel and other places. Solt "permyanka" was delivered by water to the largest Russian fairs and was in unchanging demand. The workers on mines carried the obtained salt in sacks on their backs, it poured out on their heads, and got on ears, that's why they became large and salt, according to the legend.

Permyak Salt Ears - photo 2
Permyak Salt Ears - photo 2

On 31, March, 2006 the symbolic monument to "permyaku salt ears" was opened. It was poured off from bronze by a sculptor Rustamom Ismagilov. The monument is a composition of a granit column on which an oval scope with ears is set. The composition is complemented by the figure of a photographer who seems to photograph of what is going on around. Any person can insert the head in an oval frame and feel as "permyak - salt ears". The height of the sculpture is not more than two meters, and it's width and length is something about one and a half meter.

Permyak Salt Ears - photo 3
Permyak Salt Ears - photo 3

The first photo with ears was done by the mayor of Perm Igor Shubin. "I am sure that very soon the similar pictures will appear in every family of the Perm region", - he said.


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