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The image unity of Siberian’s nature and nature in Jack London’s novel The white silence

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Secondary Modern School 46
Komarenko Alexander
Grade 9 A
Teacher: Danilyuk L.G.
«The image unity of Siberian’s nature and nature in Jack London’s novel «The white silence»

To start with I would like to focus on the problem of nature itself. Everybody knows that nature often reflects a person s thoughts and emotions. The notion of the word «Nature» is certainly of particular value . The image of nature has great influence on person’s life. It is not a secret that Siberians are persons of strong character, they are not afraid of hardships of life and to tell the truth they are much more hardy than others. I prefer reading poems and novels about our Siberian nature and having read Jack London s novels I found lots of similarities in nature description . The fact is that the description of our Siberian nature is similar to the description of nature in the novel «The White silence» by Jack London. I am sure that the variety of nature descriptions is unique. In his novel Jack London mentions that « nature has many tricks wherewith she convinces man of his finity – the ceaseless flow of the tides, the fury of the storm, the shock of the earthquake, the long roll of heaven’s artillery – but the most stupendous, the most stupefying of all, is the passive phase of the White Silence. All movement ceases, the sky clears, the heavens are as brass; the slightest whisper seems sacrilege, and man becomes timid, affrighted at the sound of his own voice. Sole speck of life journeying across the ghostly wastes of a dead world, he trembles at his audacity, realizes that his is a maggot’s life, nothing more. Strange thoughts arise unsummoned, and the mystery of all things strives for utterance. And the fear of death, of God, of the universe, comes over him-the hope of the Resurrection and the Life, the yearning for immortality, the vain striving of the imprisoned essence-it is then, if ever, man walks alone with God.» I suppose that our local people Khanty-Mancy experience lots of hardships of life and they often try to be alone in the white silence/ Winter is rather severe here in our Siberia . I have written my own poem concerning the white silence of our Siberian nature especially in winter time. These lines appeared in my mind after reading Jack London s novel «The white silence» I would like you to evaluate my own poem:
The white silence
Oh! Siberian nature! I can t but admire
I am really happy to dream and desire
I have an attempt of being alone
And look at the frozen river and touch the cold stone
The white silence of Siberia always makes me feel proud
Of our oilmen and hunters all over round
It seems to me that I have a right
Of living here and love this land from the first sight!
Thanks for your attention.

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