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The monument "A citizen of Perm with salt ears"

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The citizens of Perm have been called “Salty ears” since ancient times. The proverb about Perm citizens, who have salty ears, is historically linked with the developing of digging for salt where the Kama River starts its running,in the ciies of Solikamsk and Berezniki from where salt was delivered to the largest fairs where it was much asked for. The proverb was immortalized in marble and bronze in April of 2006. The monument is situated in the capital of Perm region near the Hotel "Ural". The monument of “salty ears” presents a composition of marble pole with an oval frame with ears. The height is about 2m and the length is about 1.5m. The creator of the monument is Rustam Ismagilov. The monument was made of the size that gives everyone a chance to try the ears on. The first who made the photo “with ears” was the mayor of Perm Igor’ Shubin. “I am sure, vry soon photos like this will appear in every family”, he said.

A Citizen of Perm with Salty Ears
A Citizen of Perm with Salty Ears

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