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The monument to a plumber in Perm

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The monument to a plumber in Perm

The Plumber Monument is opened in Perm to celebrate 120 years of local water supply

In commemoration of the jubilee date Novogor-Prikam’ye company and Sibirskaya Zastava Foundation built this sculpture and granted it as a gift to the citizens. Fireworks and other festivities followed the opening ceremony. The bronze monument, designed by tender winners Roustam Ismaguilov and Mendel Futlik, is a sculpture of a tired plumber, who is sitting on water pipes for some rest and listening to sounds of wind and waves coming from a big conch above him.

In Roustam Ismaguilov’s view, conches symbolize water. Besides, Russian word for “a conch” also means “a sink”. That is where all associative links of the monument hinge on. When people see the conch they might recall their summer vacation at sea and begin dreaming of new travels, says the designer.

The monument to a plumber in Perm

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