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Zagidullin, Gabdrakhman Zagidullovich

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Zagidullin Gabdrakhman Zagidullovich

My great-grandfather. The veteran I used to know.

I would like to tell you about one participant of the Great Patriotic War.It was my great grandfather. He was born in 1906.He finished the Kazan Army Armored School. So, he was tank officer when the Great Patriotic war began.He was also a training specialist and tought soldiers how to handle battle tanks. He met the Victory day in Austria. He said that the war was the tragedy for the whole Russian people. It brought with itself pain and loss, cruelty and destruction. I don't recollect much of him because I was too little when he passed away and of course I do not remember his war stories.My father and other relatives told me some that they heard from him. He used to say: "Let that time wouldn`t come again"

After the war my great grandfather worked on different plants and factories,had many work trips and a lot of work to do. He and his wife had six children.One of them was my grandfather.

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